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Hi there welcome to my blog!  My name is Kelly Beck and I am a full time Pilates Instructor in the real world.  In my virtual world I blog on this site and my home site: www.flatbellyhealth.com

I teach Pilates on the mat, reformer, chair and the cadilac (no not the car!)  They are all pieces of equipment regularly used in Pilates classes or one on one training.

I love what I do and I have always been passionate about health and nutrition.  I have been teaching for many years and inevitably questions arise about diet, nutrition, losing weight and health.

Ive found through-out this time that the most frequent question is about losing belly fat and getting a flat belly!  This seems to be the most challenging – so its mainly why I targeted this particular issue.  I have not limited my articles to acquiring a  ‘flat belly’  but getting flat abs certainly entails every healthy aspect of losing weight and eating nutritious food.  I will be branching out into other areas as time goes on.

Because I consider the body and mind holistically I like to take the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional components into consideration.  We are always seeking balance between these four elements which can be quite challenging in our fast paced world.

Pilates is a mind body connection and teaches you to become conscious of how you are using your body and how your mind can control your body.  Are you utilizing your body effectively and efficiently or do you have movements that are not beneficial and out of balance?

For this very reason you cannot ignore what you put into your body either.  A good diet is paramount for ease of motion and healthy body and mind. I have found experimenting on myself and feedback from others that different foods have the ability to effect the brain and thinking process’s, emotions and the physical.

I love to research how we can practice good health and find out what is good for us as an individual.  What may suit one person, may not suit another.  So listening and becoming conscious of what your body is telling you is crucial both in exercise and diet.

I will continue to write and share my findings with you all.  Enjoy!